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Heart Health

Heart Health Tips

According to the American Heart Association, a proper diet and regular physical activity can be the key to a healthy heart. Here are five tips to promote a healthy lifestyle:

1. Eat a healthy diet

Choose meal and snack options that can help you avoid heart disease and its complications. Eat foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol — but high in fiber, such as fresh fruits and vegetables to help prevent high blood cholesterol. Also, limit salt/sodium intake to lower your blood pressure.

2. Maintain a healthy weight

Being overweight or obese increases your risk for heart disease, among other disorders. To determine how your weight affects your overall health, calculate your body mass index (BMI) using our free online calculator.

3. Exercise regularly

Physical activity can help you maintain a healthy weight while also lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure. Engage in moderate intensity exercise for at least 30 minutes each day (note: Before you begin a new exercise program, consult your primary care physician).

4. Don’t smoke

Cigarette smoking greatly increases your risk for heart disease, as well as many other life-threatening disorders and diseases. If you smoke, stop.

5. Limit alcohol intake

Excessive consumption of alcohol increases your blood pressure, which in turn increases your risk of heart disease. Limit the amount and frequency of alcohol you drink.

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