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Choosing a Cardiologist in Phoenix That’s Right for You

Need a Cardiologist in Phoenix or Tempe?

Has your physician told you that you may have heart disease or atherosclerosis? If so, you might be looking for a Valley area cardiologist. But how do you find a cardiologist in Phoenix or Tempe that’s right for you? You can use this webpage as your guide to finding a cardiologist in the Valley that meets your needs. Key aspects to consider include:

  • Credentials
  • Specialty / Subspecialty
  • Location
  • Experience
  • Communication / Personality

Each of these important features is discussed in detail below. Have a question about the cardiologists at Advanced Heart and Vascular Institute? Give us a call at 602-507-6002. You can also contact us online or request an appointment here.

Understanding Your Cardiologist’s Credentials

First and foremost, your cardiologist should be board certified. In order to be board eligible, your cardiologist had to complete undergraduate school and medical school, pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination, and complete a residency (usually of three years). At this point, the physician may take the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) exam. If the physician passes the exam, he/she is “board certified” in internal medicine, but not yet a cardiologist.

After becoming board certified, the physician must go on to complete a fellowship in cardiology. Fellowship training can take up to three years. Passing the Cardiovascular Disease Certification Examination (also administered by the ABIM) and then completing fellowship training is what makes a cardiologist “a cardiologist.”

At this point, many cardiologists will continue to expand their knowledge and certifications by pursuing board certification in additional subspecialties (see below) and joining various associations, fellowships, and other organizations related to heart care.

Your Cardiologist’s Specialty

Your Phoenix cardiologist may have completed additional boards, becoming certified in other fields, such as Nuclear Cardiology, Cardiovascular Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiovascular Computed Tomography, and Interventional Cardiology. Depending on your condition and your needs, you may prefer an interventional cardiologist in Phoenix to a nuclear cardiologist in Tempe (or vice versa). For some patients, these differences may not matter quite as much. Feel free to ask your cardiologist about his or her subspecialties and how they relate to your condition.

How Important Is Location?

If you only have to visit your cardiologist once every few months, then the difference between a Phoenix cardiologist and a Tempe cardiologist may not be that significant. However, if you’re scheduling two appointments a month, you may prefer to have a cardiologist in the Valley area that’s conveniently located near your home. Cardiologists with Advanced Heart and Vascular Institute are available in Phoenix, Tempe, and Globe, AZ – close by for many patients in the Phoenix metropolitan area (and further east).

Gauging Experience In Your Phoenix Cardiologist

While you can learn a lot about your cardiologist’s experience simply by reading his or her bio, feel free to ask about their experience in specific procedures. Your cardiologists may be able to give you an approximation of how many angioplasties or valve replacements he or she has done. It may be helpful to have an idea of how many procedures your cardiologist has performed similar to the one you need.

How Well Does Your Cardiologist Communicate?

With so many cardiologists in Phoenix and the Valley area, why not choose one that communicates well with you? At Advanced Heart and Vascular Institute, cardiologists in Phoenix, Tempe, and Globe take the time to address their patients’ questions and concerns. If you don’t feel like you can talk to your cardiologist – due to communication or personality issues – then you may wish to find a different cardiologist in the Valley area.

5 Important Questions for Your Phoenix Cardiologist

Once you’ve found a cardiologist that meets your needs, you may wish to ask him or her the following questions. These questions can help you take an active role in the health of your heart, which may improve your outcome and maximize the effectiveness of your cardiologist’s therapy:

  1. What kind of screening/diagnostic tests will you use to diagnose my heart condition?
  2. How do you see my heart condition changing over the next ten years?
  3. Do you recommend that I see a dietitian to improve my health?
  4. How often do I need to schedule follow-up appointments with you?
  5. What symptoms should I be on the lookout for? Should I notify you if these symptoms occur? What is the best phone number?

For more ideas, read this blog post by Phoenix cardiologist Dr. Thomas Perry.

Interventional Cardiologists in Phoenix, Tempe & Globe, AZ

The Phoenix cardiologists at Advanced Heart and Vascular Institute are board certified and fellowship trained. They bring over 60 years of medical experience to the Valley area (and Globe, AZ). We invite you to get to know our physicians by viewing the bios and short video interviews on our site. You can even schedule an appointment online. For more information about our cardiologists in Tempe, Phoenix, and Globe, call 605-507-6002.


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