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4 Questions to Ask Your Cardiologist

Author: Thomas Perry, M.D., FACC

Whether you’ve been referred to a cardiologist by your physician, or whether you’re selecting a cardiologist by yourself, make sure to take this list of questions with you to your first appointment or consultation. These four “Questions to Ask a Cardiologist” can help you choose a qualified physician that provides first-class treatment.

4 Questions for a Cardiologist

  1. Are you a board certified cardiologist? Board certification is practically essential. By choosing a board certified cardiologist, you can be confident that the physician treating you is a highly-trained specialist. You don’t want a physician whose primary line of work is something other than cardiology; you want somebody who is fellowship-trained (a board certification pre-requisite) and experienced in dealing with a vast array of heart-related issues.
  2. What are your specialities / areas of interest? Nearly every cardiologist will have his or her own specialties and interests. Personally, I have additional board certifications in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, nuclear cardiology, and cardiovascular computed tomography. Other cardiologists are specialized in treating heart valve disease or peripheral arterial disease. Find a cardiologist that specializes in the treatment or procedure(s) you need.
  3. Have you treated other patients with [your condition]? How many? The answer to this question can give you an idea of how familiar your prospective cardiologist is with your condition. It can also give you an opportunity to ask about success rates and outcomes.
  4. How do you treat patients with my condition? Technologies and approaches for treating many cardiovascular diseases can vary widely from physician to physician. Some cardiologists prefer cutting-edge technologies that are still in the testing phases. Other cardiologists prefer the tried-and-true methodologies that they’ve been using for years. There are pros and cons to both, but it’s important to ask this question of your cardiologist. Go with a cardiologist that best fits your treatment philosophy and preferences.

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